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“I am working with Vincenzo from vrfilms production to create my first music video and he is absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!

I 100% recommend VRfilms Productions

They are real professionals”


Brandon Bennett


Neil Urquhart

"Vince has filmed and photographed me several times over the many years I have known him - always with great results! He is a consummate professional, easy to work with, and customer-focussed. He is a visual genius - I would highly recommend him for any type of video or photography work that you have."

"When an idea is in your mind, Vincenzo brings it straight to the screen. We had the fantastic opportunity to work with him on a documentary film project. He took care of the video shooting, and the interviews, and did a great job in post-production.


Thanks, Vincenzo!"


Laurent Kemp


Dan Michaud

I cannot be so elated for all the wonderful exposure you have afforded this small Fireplace Shop in Alaska! You have a gift and a love for what you do and do it extremely well. Like the Beatles back in the ’60s, John Lennon the guitarist told his mom  “ I want to play the guitar for a living because that is what I love to do”. His mother replies “You cannot make a living playing the guitar!” Well as we all know “THE BEATLES” are one of the world’s greatest music bands. Follow your heart as Vincenzo has.  He is not afraid to try new things and is always very excited about all of his projects. We at Alaska Fireplace & Accessories, Inc. hope that Mr. Ruggieri never changes as he continues to be a spark of energy in our lives.  Even though we have not seen each other for a while we have a lot of trust and faith in his works!! Make sure to consider this very talented expert in your projects.

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